Hier sehen Sie einen kleinen Auszug der Einsatzbereiche

unserer Biofilteranlagen:


  • Flavour extraction
  • Yeast drying
  • Blood meal factories
  • Bristle drying
  • Fried fish production
  • Landfill gases
  • Feather drying
  • Composting
  • Animal rendering
  • Grease melting
  • Fishmeal factories
  • Gelatin production
  • Foundries
  • Coffee roasteries
  • Cocoa roasteries
  • Municipal sewage treatment plants
  • Biogas plants
  • Oil mills


Image gallery, disposal site in Konstanz / Dorfweiher:

With a surface of approx. 10.000 m², this is the largest biofilter which Roth GmbH has ever filled. Green waste compost was used as bulk material and heather as a covering layer.



Image gallery, grease melting plant in Kiel:

Removal of original material and attachment of a new edge trim. The distributor layer consists of spruce woodchips (40 – 100 mm), trapezium fill. The core fill is coconut mix.



Image gallery: compost in Mühlheim an der Ruhr

Plastic distributor base, edge trim, and spruce woodchips (40 – 100 mm) as a distributor layer. The core filling is wood mix.



Image gallery: Bad Honeff sewage treatment plant

The biofilter serves to clean the exhaust air from the sewage plant. The distributor layer consists of oak woodchips (40 – 100 mm size) and the core fill is coconut mix.



Image gallery: Animal carcass disposal, F-Tremorel

Biofilter overhaul. Removal of old material and old concrete slatted floor. Biofilter lining with LDPE film. Install plastic distributor base. Installation of spruce woodchip and coconut mix.